6. Jun, 2021

See the Exhibition launched on the new ARTHOUSE LEICESTER website on JUNE 11th.


 See my new work too here on my site or at the studio from June 11th. By appointment only and with limited numbers due to coved regulations.

23. May, 2021

Sorting out some new work for the online exhibition JUNE 11th -13th

29. Apr, 2021

A date for your diary! Such excitement knowing this will be going ahead this year....in the form of an ONLINE ExHIBITION. So keep an eye out for further details online and take a peak at all the Artists work online and contact them direct if you wish to purchase. Strange but fun.
I’ll be taking part too 🙃 so lots to do............
New work in progress.Originals and Prints......

27. Dec, 2020

'PANDEMIC 2020.'    A painting to represent this very strange year, using inks and mixed acrylics on archivial paper. We have been confronted with Westminster and images of covid every day. 

All framed and ready ...but nowhere to go!  More exhibitions close due to restrictions.

Giclee Prints now available! 


27. Dec, 2020

SO many berries this year, crab apples in abundance. The birds must be happy. 🐦 and I've never seen so many acorns ....ever!