27. Dec, 2020

'PANDEMIC 2020.'    A painting to represent this very strange year, using inks and mixed acrylics on archivial paper. We have been confronted with Westminster and images of covid every day. 

All framed and ready ...but nowhere to go!  More exhibitions close due to restrictions.

Giclee Prints now available! 


27. Dec, 2020

SO many berries this year, crab apples in abundance. The birds must be happy. 🐦 and I've never seen so many acorns ....ever!

27. Dec, 2020

Sketching......Aylestone Meadows....a nice peaceful place to walk, wonderful weeds and Reeds.

27. Dec, 2020

Buttercups and wild flower, pencil sketch.

27. Dec, 2020

A random selection of historic buildings in Machynlleth, Mid Wales. 

I'm missing my family and the friendly Art community at Oriel Seren, where I exhibited until the LOCKDOWN. Whic seems never ending in Leicester.

Prints available on request. 

note:My first attempt !

I've been painting three childrens portraits in acrylic on board, a very differnet discipline and quite a challenge I must say. But the recipient was delighted.